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How to simulate a girls ***?
I have always loved the feeling of grinding with girls.. how do i get that feeling whenever i want? like make an *** that feels like a real one.
if *** means a woman's behind...

you can go to an adult store and buy one to play with... have the hole and everything for you to grind into...
I touched a girls *** in high school what are the consequences?
I hugged this girl that i knew and i felt her *** and she reported to a teacher that hated me and theyre working togheter and called the cops and talked to them. What are the penalty's will i get kicked out of my school? or go to jail?
If she hugged you voluntarily, and pressed her boob up against you, then (and I am not a lawyer mind you) I don't see how she could possibly have a case. If, by some chance, your hand touched her there without her consent, then you got a problem my friend, and had better make every attempt to make peace while you can. If it was an innocent accident, try to find who was nearby, and get their testimony of the event. Best of luck.
How to kick a taller girls ***?
Okay so I'm a petite girl n I'm 5'2. The other girl is a little skinnier than me but she's 3 or 4 inched taller than me.

How do I kick her *** since I'm shorter n what do I do if she gets the first hit? Or grabs my hair?
I'm like 5'4 and I got into a fight with a girl who was, 5'9.
She grabbed my hair and got the first hit.
I still won.
The thing you need to do if she grabs your hair, is to get as many hits in her stomach region as possible! She'll most likely let go of your hair.
Since she's tall, you should probably look for any chance you can to take her down. Like, do one of those MMA takedowns and grab both of her legs and just get on top and beat the **** outta her! :D
Good luck!
What things would you do to act like a bad *** to attract girls?
So now I asked why girls like treated like **** what things do you know that have worked that make a girl attracted to you since you acted a bad *** or asshole...Im talking about when you first met them
When we are in our early teens we do the most stupid things.Then most of us grow up with a few more brains.Those kind of guys only attract the mindless. about the ages of 17,18 we are looking for a substantial man. Works hard, optimistic with a lot of interests, by that time you will be able to tell the difference.She talks about clothes,gossips about other girls, isn't interested in what you have to say, she is the star.
What does it mean when random *** girls u dont know say hi to u?
This happened in school like randomly. I didnt even kno they were sayin hi to me at first til i saw them directly starin at me lol?
They were talking about you and you caught them looking at you.

Go for it!
Is it true that guys only like girls for their *** and boob size?
in my school every guy talks about big boobs and asses in girls. is that the only thing they see when they look at a girl? are they just being immature, perverted, or do they really mean it?

this kind of bothers me. Thanks
That high school boys. Though, there are some boys who really care about girls. But no not all guys only care about that, just the stupid, immature ones. Some guys put up a front for their friends but dont really mean it. Just when you get in a relationship with a guy, make sure he isnt a stupid immature guy who only cares about that. Good luck:)
All The Boys Keep Calling Me Fat *** and the girls keep hating What should I do?
so this is a awkward question but oh well in school all the boys keep Calling me fat *** and they keep trying to slap my ***,all the girls are hating,my butt is like Jennifer Lopez's should I try to get rid of it?
Your perfect the way you are. The boys are horny and the girls are jealous. I bet you look great in a nice tight pair of jeans or short shorts!! :)
What Is It With Random Guys Slapping A Girls ***?
Seriously can I not just go out without the worry of my *** being smacked till its red raw?
simple one is best
Do guys like solidly built girls as much as skinny *** girls?
I'm well built but not fat. Do guys like us girls as much as the skinny anorexic models you see in magazines?
I don't know why people like those disgustingly skinny girls, it's not attractive at all. I like a girl who is on the skinnier side but not anywhere near those models.
What is the first thing guys think of when they look at a girls ***?
When a girl is walking past a guy and shes got like skin tight pants or tights on, guys always seem to be looking. So, when they take a good look what is the first image that pops into their mind.
i think... OMG that's hot and stare till she leaves

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