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Friend wants to give me BJ in public?
My friend who is a girl, wants to give me head after school in some place, "where she thinks" no one goes. It sounds kinda nappy, but what do you think? Im afraid someone will come by and im a freshman at the highschool. I dont think its a good idea. Hbu?
I think your dreaming =]
We have a public bj fantasy?
i have a gf and we have talked about this and we are both open to it... i would like to receive and bj or hj somewhere in public with the possibility of getting caught by some stranger...but i dint want somewhere really crowded bcz of the way that stranger might act... i don't want to be embarrassed lol.... where is the perfect place to do something like...we think its in the car in a park what do u think?
Pretty good ideas there, but give some thought to hotel balcony at night with a couple or two on other balconies who can't help but see you, and envy you at the same time.
My boyfriend wants more BJ's in public what should i do?
I had given my boyfriend a bj at local night club at our table because it was a fantasy of his to have one out in public and it was his b-day. I dont mind giving them at all. However, since then he has been asking for them everytime we go out. What should i do?
Tell him it was a birthday present and you don't want to do it in public. If he complains, tell him that he can have one only if he gives up sex. See which one he picks.
Help! My girlfriend wants to give me a BJ in public!?
She recommended that we head to the local playground behind a tree near the swingset so she can unzip my pants and toy around with my knob in a public setting. I'm uncut and small so I'm scared that some guys might catch us in the act and point and laugh at my member. It would totally ruin my ego and reputation if the guy starts bragging about having a bigger member than me. I applaud these guys who get it on in public, buy I'm so insecure about my size and having the whole world make fun of it while my GF is around would probably cause her to dump me.

I know some people get an adrenaline rush out of almost getting caught. How do I resist the peer pressure?
Been there done that. You will really enjoy it as much as she will. You will even get off faster in public than you would in private. She is a thrill seeker, do this, and you are guaranteed to have more fun in the future with this girl.

Make sure it is at a time when no KIDS will be walking around the park. She should be able to get you to release within' 10 minutes because of the adrenaline rush, and all of her endorphins going crazy.

It will be not take long to get your bj behind that tree. You should be in and out of the park in less than 20 minutes bro. And after you two do this, you two now have a special place that has memories that you can come back to during anniversaries.. Enjoy it. Stop procrastinating.
Ever given bj in public?
today is my bf's bday and i want to surprise him. its been a fantasy of his and what better day to do it on his bday... but im not sure where i could do it. was wondering if anyone have any stories to share
My girlfriend gave me a great bj in the Cinema, she did the "popcorn trick". lol

I think some people saw me but they moved seats! lol
Bj in a public place?
women? would you give your boyfriend a bj in a place like school/college/uni...?
men? would you want a woman to you a bj in a place like
No thats just like creeping around its supposed to be enjoyable
Any 2star 3star hotels in sg bkk KL JB HK SZ GD GZ SH BJ TAIWAN?budget airlines?public transport?
how much ?price ?
I have some links here that may help.

Budget airline:

What is the wildest, sexiest thing you and your partner have done in public or a nearly public place?
We've got sex in the woods, bj in the woods, and stripping her down and playing in front of a window (lights on) in our room on an upper floor of a high rise hotel in downtown. Some other random things. What have you done? Ideas for us?
She'd tell you about sex on the balcony of a hotel with two guys across the way watching, thinking they couldn't be seen, while masturbating. Talk about a hot situation!
Have you ever given a BJ in a wild place, and where?
ok, where is the wildest place you've ever given a BJ at?

I've received them in toooo many wild places, I likey the public playtime.
i give my boyfriend a BJ in the how wild is that? ;) ;)
Why do females feel like they have to sell themselves sexually to the public male eye?
its sad that females have no morals and will give a guy a favor (bj) if he sweat talks her or buys her a cheesburger why is this why make booty shakin youtube videos or prance around in boyshirts and a extra small wifebeater? o yeh this girl is typically 14-19 not a respectable age to flaunt yourself
Your questions details border on misogyny. Which I guess explains why you're sking this question to begins with, because you're blind to your own privilege. Our society is patriarchal in structure and girls are taught from a young age, and through peer pressure, that they have to look good in order to catch a man's eye. So if you're going to blame anyone let's start with the person that's at the top of the pyramid bud. That would be you, a male citizen of this society.

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