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Teen girl with rash on vulva, which kind of doctor should I go to?
Gyno, dermatologist, or pediatrician?
What can a teen girl do to make her vulva look better?
i admit both fun answers and serious answers
and answer this
don't let it get ... 0 answers
Put glitter on it?
Or, there's the possibility that this teen girl's vulva is completely normal and doesn't need to look better.
Do guys care a lot what the vulva looks like?
I'm thinking about getting labiaplasty to fix my vag when I'm older... The left lip is much bigger than the other and sometimes hangs out. Compared to the other, tucked in side it's really huge and kinda gross looking to me and I'd feel really embarrassed to have a guy go down there. Is this really an issue in sex? Do guys think it's gross? I'm in my teens, and guys seem to be kinda superficial about that kind of stuff...
I've never met a vulva I didn't like. Don't sweat it.
What are the lumps on my vulva?
A few months ago I felt this pain on my vulva right in sort of the crease in my leg where it attaches to my pelvis...anyway I felt it and there was a lump like right in the crease. The lump started to get smaller and now it is gone but now there is another one not in the crease but actually on my "outer lip" it is sort of long but also painful! I can actually see it and above it are two tiny little lumps. It is pale and and has a tiny red dot in the middle. What is this! Also, I am only a teen and I have never had sex but have masturbated.
Do you shave there? It could be an ingrown hair, and there are also normal bumps yo can get on your vulva...google it. I know that there are bumps that many people have that are totally normal and not an STD. Since you are not sexually active, you do not have to worry about that. If you want real peace of mind, you could always go to Planned Parenthood.
Can you believe that Obama and other leftists are advocating "sex ed" for kindergarteners?
His activist supporters say that 4 yr olds need to know that boys have a penis and girls have a vulva, vagina and so forth.

They say that simply teaching a guy that NO ONE should ever touch them and that if ANYONE ever says "its a secret" that they should tell their parents right away is wrong and that guys just need to know the details.

Are we ever going to let our guys be guys again? Why are we forcing them to be mini adults?

Oh another thing- these dingbats used the church molestation scandal as a reason that this is needed. Interesting because the overwhelming number of those boys were teens not toddlers.
I agree - stop trying to turn our guyren into sex-crazed free-love hippies!

We need to push for more parental accountablility/responsibility, not force the government to be the parent.

And what kind of logic uses the argument that we need to do this to stop guy molestation?!?!?! No amount of elementary education will stop guy molestation! In fact, I would think the inverse is true - pressing more sex on our society at younger and younger ages creates more sex-crazed members of society who will perform perverse acts....

This logic is like telling us that guys need to know how to use a gun to avoid getting shot by one?!?!?

How about attacking the guy molestors/predators instead of dementing our guyren!?!?!?
HELP DOCTORS! DO i have an std or possibly some infection?
well i had PROTECTED sex on july.7.2010. and 3days ago i notice yeast infection like symptoms. I will be taking care of that soon. (though im not sure it's yeast yet) today i have NO yeast like symptoms (weird right) so do you think i have the yeast infection? And today i noticed little bumps (though now that i think of it they have been there for so long now about months).
WELL my symptoms now are...
NOTHING i feel clean no itch (or very little itch why?) NO white discharge like 2days ago, NO anything! i dont have any std symptoms either. but then why am i so scared? i really don't know all i know is i can't tell my mom about it question doctors if a female teen tells you there no longer a virgin do you tell there parents? but anyway i think i have genital warts because i have noticed bumps on my vulva (the top) could they be from shaving? and advice or help? sorry it was long thank you:}
if you noticed the bumps appear after shaving then theyre from shaving.
Did masturbation cause this to happen?
I masturbated a lot when I was younger and I used to "rub myself up" on things a lot. Now it seems like inner lips of my vulva are raw and one part has a really dark spot that itches a lot. I'm wondering if I permanently damaged my skin from all of the stress and pressure I might have put on it. I am a virgin so I know its not an std. Also I've heard this can cause vulvar cancer? Is this true?? I"m still just a teen and I don't really masturbate anymore. What do you think? Please help.
You may see a Dr. or GyBn. But the only thing I see may happen is you may lose some feeling down there. Take it slow for a few weeks.
Don't play with other objects there.
Why is my yeast infection getting worse after I drank the medicine my doctor prescribed?
I've visited my doctor about a week ago, and she prescribed me this yeast infection pill. I'm only a teen, and I don't have experience with yeast infection. Actually, I was never really aware of it until I had Sex-Ed. At first, I was freaked out when I saw those bumps on my vulva. So, I told my doctor about it. And, I told her that I've never been sexually active. When I say never, I mean never. So, after I drank the medicine, I realized that it became redder. The next day, it seemed like the pill was working. But now, after a week. The yeast infection isn't gone, and it seems like it has gotten worse! What should I do?
You should tell your Mom and have her call the doctor's office to get their advise. Since you are a virgin, she may not want you to have to put medication inside your vagina and could have a different prescription you could try.

best wishes..
Gender Studies section, do you think that schools should educate people about safe sex?
I'm a teenager. I am fourteen, and the majority of my friends are older than me and under eighteen. They have sex. Teenagers have sex. It might be good, it might be bad, but whatever; it happens. I would just like to get that out of the way before someone starts talking about how young people are too young to have sex. People will have sex, regardless of age, to a certain extent. Sex, sex, sex. There. People my age do it and talk about it. Penis, vagina, clitoris, prostate, head, shaft, labia, vulva, frenulum. We know these things, and at least a majority of us do.

I personally am waiting to have sex. I don't plan on being abstinent until marriage , though that may happen, but I plan to wait until I'm in love and am willing to have the other partner's guy. I understand that sex is for breeding and has risks; that's why I've decided, on my own, to wait a long time before I do something that might hugely complicate my life. I don't believe in religion. And while I'm pro-choice, I wouldn't have an abortion myself. Just clarifying.

But I do think that we should teach safe sex in our schools, and we should get there early. As much as we may like it to happen, not a large number of people stay abstinent; the numbers are actually decreasing. I would also like to point out that teenagers with purity rings have been proven to be just as likely to have sex as well, and I also want to state that 90% of teen virgins are just virgins because they don't get any. Those are facts.

So why are some people against teaching safe sex? I think knowledge is liberating, and knowledge is what allows us to make smart choices in life. Why not give at-risk-to-get-preggers people some logic they can actually use? Yeah, some guys might listen to the "don't have sex" thing, but it's like telling someone to get there hand out of the cookie jar. Not everyone will listen. (Look at all the fat people.)

I'm fourteen. I can compose good arguments because I'm educated. I have found out everything myself through research because my parents never taught me anything. They're absent. Seriously.

Other guys though, aren't like me. But I do believe we should educate them. I think schools should preach abstinence, and why it's preferable, but I also think that we should teach guys safe sex as well because guys are always going to have sex. It's true. I'm a student and I'm telling you right now, that it's true. And it isn't just the hoes or slus. A lot of my friends who you never would've guessed have already had sex by soph and junior year. I go to a really nice school too. It still happens, regardless of race or wealth (though religion might play a role.)

Do you agree or disagree? What is your stance and why?

Please be reasonable. I'm open to both sides as long as you have a good argument.


I also think birth control should be made available to teenagers, (there are places in Europe with condom dispensers in the bathroom; a lot of these places have shockingly low unwanted preg rates.) Agree or disagree and why?


Plus, there's been a lot on abortion today. I'm just pointing out that this would stop a lot of abortion through stopping unwanted pregnancy. I don't know this for certain, but I'm assuming that a lot of abortions come from teenaged mothers unequipped to handle guys.
The problem is anything that parents have tried to do to have the school district teachg a more comprehensive sex education class is usually defeated by a better organized minority of parents who believe that

a) Teachers will approve of homosexuality
b) educate the students in how to make love, with techniques and procedures
c) Give them information to get abortions
d) support a degenerate and immoral lifestyle

That is why the sex ed classes are so bad, as they have tailors this program not to offend the fundamentalists, but, in the end, does nothing
I don't feel anything when I touch myself?
Hi I'm still a teen. < 20 years old.Haven't had sex before. Its one of my first times trying to touch my clitoris and I didnt really feel anything until once during my period i rubbed and there was a intense and nice feeling but i stopped rubbing after a few seconds for fear id damage something. I tried it again the next day and so on but didnt feel anything like that time. Is there something i damaged permanently or is there something wrong with me? I do wash my vulva after i pee with a spray faucet. Could that have damaged anything?
Not unless you're using sandpaper, no. Be gentle and give it some time, lots of girls like to use fingers/toys to penetrate themselves aswell. It's your body, get to know it!

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